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The Bar

The Bar and its Signature Drinks 

Cihan Anadologlu, author of "Bar Bible", "Einmal mit alles" and has been awarded with multiple awards is here to support the Bar team of the newly opened CLUBHAUS BACHMAIR WEISSACH with own creations of his signature Drinks. 
Watermelon Highball

When Summer is right around the corner and the first ripe watermelons have been harvested, its simply a matter of time until you can find the first melon in one of your drinks. The red, juicy fruit is a delicacy in the middle east. It fits perfectly in a Highball to let a hot day by the lake come to an end. A fresh, fruity Watermelon paired with a hint of rosemary and a light touch of sour Citrus-notes gives the drink a summerly "Touch" and makes you want more. 

Baklava New Fashioned

Since my early Childhood I love Baklava. I am crazy for these sweet, little honey-pillows that are filled with Pistachios. Now as an adult, I put this exact taste into a drink. Rum and sweet vermouth perfectly harmonize with a homemade wild honey Syrup and the famous Orange blossom water from the Far East. When enjoying this drink, the nose gets to smell the whole flavour of the Orange water. The mouth is followed to taste the variety of aromas from the sweetness of the honey, as well as the power and flavour of the vermouth complimenting the palate.   
Jerusalem Punch
The energy of this city is indescribable. The different parts of the towns bring their cultural diversity into this magic which you can feel throughout the whole city. This Magic is necessary to convert the different aromas into an energetic Summer Cocktail. The power of the pomegranate, the smoothened of the green tea and the spice of the ginger are key components of this cocktail, which leans on many flavours of the Middle East, however still remains its own character. With passion for the holy country, we start Summer at Tegernsee with the Jerusalem Punch. 




Open grill with Levante cuisine creations and great drinks.

The menu includes lake trout fillet with spinach salad, straight from the Schliersee, as well as ceviche from sea bass, ribeyesteak, lemon chicken or burrata with grilled grapes, red zaatar with lemon vinaigrette. Grilled beets with green asparagus and feta rumble or aubergine filled with harrissa or optionally with oriental beef.

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